【DLZIP】Alex and Izzy Save the World 1-1 zip rar free


From Book 1: Porfirio narrowly escaped direct hits from insect sprayings while picking fruit near Delano in the 1960s. He saw the birth defects and high cancer rates in the people who worked all around him and considered himself lucky for having left the job unscathed. Little did he imagine that the fruits of his labor would have a much more profound effect – on his great-granddaughter. High school senior Alex Mejia has never known of her great-grandfather but inherits his tireless work ethic. She studies hard to maintain the best grades and watches her diet closely to keep the perfect appearance. Her best friend, Izzy Checon, prefers playing video games and taking long naps. When Alex starts to develop unusual physical powers, she accidentally unleashes them upon another student and leaves them close to death. Alex wants to turn herself into the police, but Izzy convinces her to run away. Their journey leads to dangerous and unusual discoveries as they flee from more than just the cops – and toward a dark past that might tear their lives apart.


Alex and Izzy Save the World 1-1(66.65MB)