【DLZIP】Boogie the Super Booger 1-3 zip rar free


From Book 1: Brace yourself for the slimiest adventure of a lifetime! Dive into the world of ‘Boogie, The Super Booger,’ where everyday kid Travis transforms into an unlikely hero with the snottiest superpower you could ever imagine. He’s not your usual cape-wearing, fly-across-the-city superhero. No, he’s better – he’s a Super Booger! From hilarious sticky situations to booger-blasting showdowns, this epic journey will have you both gagging and giggling. Don’t miss out on the nose-picking, slime-slinging action that awaits. After all, not every hero wears a cape… some just need a good sneeze! Get ready, ‘Boogie, The Super Booger’ is here to STICK around!


Boogie the Super Booger 1-3(177.16MB)