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From Book 1: Bagel the Beagle is a children's story about a little puppy traveling across America in pursuit of her dream despite everyone telling her she should forget about her dreams and be a good girl and follow the traditional path for a young Beagle. On her journey Bagel finds herself in many difficult situations but by asking for help and advice she receives help and gets to where she wants to go. The moral of the story is that whoever you are, you should always follow your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The intent with Bagel the Beagle is to inform children through eye to eye storytelling about issues that can be tackled in a Bagelish way, not logical but heart first. Bagel views the world with eyes of compassion, gratitude and love and she doesn’t know the concept of “us and them”, “hate” og “can’t do”. She may be scared but she will always do the right thing and give a helping paw to whoever needs it. The dream for Bagel is to build a community around her mission and help a few, bring joy to many and make the world just a little bit better for everyone.


The Adventures of Bagel The Beagle Vol. 1 1-1(65.72MB)