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From Book 1: Ah, the Black Sun Academy. What can I say? I have spent the last three and a half years of my life schooling and training here. To the outside world our school looks like any other typical University. Red brick structure with white trim where appropriate. A college like campus setting with dorms for students and housing for faculty. Within these walls though, lies a secret. This is not your typical high school. Oh no, this is a school that only produces the best of the best-the elite in the witch hunter’s community. Yes, you have read that correctly. Witch hunters! My lineage can be traced back to my great-great, whatever grandfather who was the famous Mathew Hopkins; Witch Finder General. Born during the 1620’s in Great Wenham, Suffolk; England, my grandfather hunted close to 200 witches over the course of three years before laws and restrictions throughout the country began to change. He slowly faded from the lime light but only within the public eye. Amongst our community he was and still is praised for all he accomplished with his stint in history. So of course, my family, including me, Alina Hopkins; rank near the top of the social ladder and very high standards have been set for me to achieve within our community. No pressure, right? Luckily, I have always excelled in all activities I have taken on. When graduation rolls around in 8 months, I will also be the highest ranked female witch hunter trainee to have walked through the doors of the Academy. Making my family proud! Life couldn’t be more perfect. I have the most awesome best friend, Ella. I will be turning 18 soon, graduation just around the corner and parents who love me. What could possibly go wrong… other than EVERYTHING!


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